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Why Acquirable?

1 Senior Veteran Broker does ALL THE negotiations. Think of him as a Pro Football player’s agent, arguing and haggling all day long, half the time with a phone to his ear.

This is from him –

All my brokerage business to date has been from referrals, word of mouth. I haven’t marketed myself as a broker; I’ve kept a very low profile. I really enjoy doing this type of work, chasing Domains and negotiating deals. What sets me apart from 99% of the guys that advertise as “Domain Brokers” is I’m not only an agent I’m also a player. See everyone else either is small potatoes or works for a larger firm on salary + commission. I run circles around these guys. I eat them for lunch.

I had a firm last year for example that was recently bought by Facebook call me up and ask me about a Domain. They told me they had (NAME WITHHELD) broker try and reach the owner of a Domain for 2 months. 2 Months the (NAME WITHHELD) guy couldn’t even start dialog. I had the Domain owner on the phone inside of 10 minutes.

Another Broker outfit – (NAME WITHHELD) guys, they use young straight out of college, don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground “talent” to pitch Domain owners, mainly to rep them. I’ve recently bailed out not 1 but 2 clients from screw ups they’ve created.

I get a lot of referrals of Buyers needing help with lost causes. Either the Domain owner absolutely refuses to sell or they want pie in the sky money. I work these guys, I put in the time, I build a rapport, I plant “reasons to sell” seeds, I water these seeds, I turn the corner, I close the deal.

I’m probably 1 out of 3 guys in the entire industry that not only reps others but is also sitting on a portfolio of properties they’ve procured themselves, over 10 years.

You don’t want an agent you want a player because I play for a different reason – to win. Straight agents are in the game for a paycheck.

Last but not least I can be trusted. Trusted that I’m not out there thinking about “commissions” while I’m dancing with owners and brokers. I can’t count how many times I knew a client would pay X and I fought for every cent to save them DECENT COIN. It’s not about what I make; it’s about the price tag I negotiate. That is a win to me.

I’m ready to win for you. Contact me